Organic Search Engine Optimization

Organic Search Engine Optimization

Building a website today is absolutely different from what it used to be a few years back. These days, majority of visitors approach a website through search engines. Google, MSN and Yahoo, being the top three, are accountable for more than ninety five percent of the entire search engine traffic.

After multiple years of careful research in the arena of search engines, Singh Consulting Group has established itself as one of the leading experts in search engine marketing. The approach with which we handle the website of clients is completely organic. We do not make use of black hat tricks, which often get the websites banned or penalized from all the search results. We focus on building a high quality website by employing organic search engine optimization techniques. We even update our clients with the latest news associated with search engine optimization industry.

With our organic SEO services we can attract thousands of links to your business website naturally, so as to increase its rank in search engines. We specialize in building as well as re-building websites and fill them with original and captivating content so as to convert your visitors into customers. We help the companies with their web promotion by increasing the company's reputation as well as visibility.

We look at the following critical components when it comes to developing/deploying a web application for our partners which ensures a good page rank and is also known as On-page SEO or Organic SEO.
  • Domain names and URLs
  • Page content
  • Coding Standards (W3C, CSS/XHTML)
  • Link structure
  • Usability and accessibility
  • Meta tags
  • Page structure
  • Sitemap submission using Google Webmasters and Yahoo Explorer

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